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The House of 100 Stories (100层的房子) Hardcover

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This is a set of 4 bestselling titles in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. The beautifully illustrated books are by renowned Japanese artist Toshio Iwai.

There are 4 titles:

  • 100层的房子
  • 地下100层的房子
  • 海底100层的房子
  • 天空100层的房子

In "The House of 100 Stories", one day Tochi received an invitation from a mysterious sender to play on the 100th floor of his house. Who wrote that letter? 


The books open vertically, giving readers a refreshing reading experience. As we follow the story character from 1st to 100th storey, the books allow children to learn counting. 

Every 2-pages reveal an animal, the stories entice readers to read on and find out what other animals stay in this 100-storey house?

Who stays on the 100th floor?