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Bug Hotel 虫虫的家 (Hardcover)

S$ 18.90

Welcome to the Bug Hotel, a homemade habitat where creepy crawlies of all shapes and sizes can find a place to stay!

Discover how a bug hotel can create a sustainable, safe environment for insects and mini-beasts by exploring each section, lifting the flaps and finding out facts about your favourite garden insects. 

From series: A Clover Robin Book of Nature. See Animal Homes 动物的家.

常见的蜘蛛,大家都知道它会自己织网,但除了蜘蛛网外,蜘蛛还有其他的栖身之地吗?翻翻小翻页一探究竟吧! 童趣的插图,搭配精巧的挖洞与小翻页设计,让这本科普游戏书,陪小宝贝认识更多昆虫生物,启发探索科普与自然生物的兴趣。